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About us

Our magazine bridges the gap between the daily press and academic publications. Through contributions by high-profile practitioners and theorists from politics, business, civil society, science and the arts, we aim to initiate constructive and productive discussions that go beyond the day-to-day of politics, provide transformational impetus, and shape politics.We strive to publish a broad spectrum of opinions and analyses. In doing so, our editorial values apply: ideological neutrality, methodological openness and the courage to engage in respectful and argument-based debate.

Editorial Team

  • Dominik Meier

    Dominik Meier has been advising global players, medium-sized companies and associations on political strategy for 25 years. He researches power, freedom, representation of interests and political praxeology. He lectures on these topics worldwide, publishes specialist books and is a thought leader in debates around (political) power.

  • Christian Blum

    Christian Blum is a professor of corporate ethics and communication at the AMD Academy Berlin. His main research interests include the common good, power, democracy, and communication strategy. Throughout his career, Christian Blum has held leadership positions in strategic political consulting and marketing. He is a recipient of the Offermann-Hergarten Prize.

  • Konstantin Bätz

    Konstantin Bätz serves as Chief of Staff at Miller & Meier Consulting. Previously, he conducted research on economic foreign policy and economic sanctions at the University of Konstanz, where he also received his PhD in international politics. He studied philosophy, economics and political science at the Universities of Bayreuth, Rotterdam and Konstanz. He is a member of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP).

  • Vanessa Tiede

    Vanessa Victoria Tiede is Special Assistant to the CEO at Miller & Meier Consulting. After completing her Master’s degree in International Politics and International Law at Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, she worked for eight years in multilateral diplomacy in New York.


  • What to keep in mind when publishing with FMP

    FMP is not an academic journal. All essays should have a length of about 10,000 characters, be of use to practioners, and remain accessible to non-specialist audiences.

  • How can I submit an article?

    Do you have an idea for an article, or have you written an essay that fits FMP?

    Contact us at redaktion@freiheitmachtpolitik.de with your idea or your finished essay.

    Please send your article in the MS Word (.docx) or Open Document Type (.odt) file types only. Essays should be approximately 10,000 characters in length, other categories around 5,000 characters.

    FMP reserves the right to shorten and make minor edits to articles if necessary.

  • What languages does FMP publish in?

    We publish articles in English, German, or both.

  • Can I publish anonymously?

    Anonymous publication is only possible in justified exceptional cases.

  • Styleguide

    FMP applies the following formal and stylistic criteria to its essays and other articles:

    • All contributions are written in a clear and engaging manner, in German or English.
    • Good essays make their argument explicit in their opening lines. Clear and controversial theses are welcome!
    • Most readers will not have imdepth expertise on technical details. Contributions should therefore contain as little jargon as possible.
    • Authors are encouraged to structure their essays with subheadings.
    • The target length of essays is 10,000 characters, other types of contributions are limited to 5,000 characters.
    • We ask for sources and references in the form of hyperlinks instead of footnotes or bibliographies.
    • FMP reserves the right to shorten and edit articles if necessary.


  • Plagiarism and Sourcing

    Plagiarism is unaccaptable and will lead to blacklisting. This includes both unattributed quotes and stolen ideas.

    Authors are encouraged to support direct and indirect quotations as well as other verifiable statements with hyperlinks within the text.


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